Our ability to create virtual models in our heads, combined with our modest-looking thumbs, was sufficient to usher in the secondary force of evolution called technology. And it will continue until the entire Universe is at our fingertips. - Ray Kurzweil

Upgrade + Update.

Need -or want- to expand or update the content on your website, or your website itself? Don't have enough time to spend hours re-writing, sourcing updated information or simply transferring content?

Web Authoring

Intuitive content formatting, editing, uploading and transferring content. With a background in creative, journalistic and commercial style language and code (front-end development) A simple site transfer can be so much more than just copy and paste.


Familiar with many different Content Management Systems (including, but not exclusive to, RealOnline). Let me help you build your website.

Recent work

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Smiley Faces Deleted


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