About CatTea

Who is CatTea?

As the daughter of a self employed developer, I was adament that I would most definitely never in a million years ever have a job in the IT industry. So that was my first mistake, making ignorant declarations about the rest of my future based on the knowledge and wisdom of my 13 year old self. Four years later after graduating High School, top in subject for IPT (Information Programming Technology), I still hadn't submitted to the fate of my inherited genes.

After High School I spent one year at University studying Psychological Science, one year in the University of life studying "how to adult" and another year studying Communications at University online. The reason I'm disclosing all this is because I feel the diversity in my academic history is indicative of the diversity in my now professional career. Though I've finally accepted my destiny, I'm going to do it my way.

What is CatTea?

CatTea is just as much me and my journey, as it is now my business and professional career. CatTea Creative has a very literal meaning behind it. "Cat" is my name, "Tea" is my poison of choice and "Creative" is wishful thinking in regards to the talent and skill I may or may not posess (check out my work portfolio).

Currently, I'm a young freelancer providing a variety of services including but not exclusive to Web/Content Authoring, Writing/Research and Front-End Development. Hopefully I will be providing more services on the "Creative" side of things in the very near future she states tentatively (check out my Services).

Something I'm passionate about, and will be doing a lot more of on CatTea, is learning. I currently run my local "Coder Dojo" and am very passionate about learning and teaching so stay tuned for more in that regards (check out my Blog).

To sum it up.

My name is Caitlin Mary Neate. My hobbies include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing, Photography, Music and Videography.
  • Video Games, Comics and all things Geeky.
  • Doing volunteer work.
  • Obsessing over philosophical hypotheses.
  • Drinking tea and wearing too many "flannies".

I also do some code and stuff on the side on some silly website about Cats or something.

Terrible Jokes Executed

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