Brisbane City Peugeot

'Brisbane City Peugeot' was more of what I would call a 'Custom Template' job, rather than striclty Web Authoring gig alone. It involved a heavy use of html, skills specific to the template and the CMS, and required a feel for Front End Development.

The main objectives of this job were:

  • To create a new site map and skeleton (frame work), based off of the "current"(old) website.
  • To transfer all of the existing data and content.
  • and to create specific custom elements to adapt and merge the content into the new template.

The content for 'Brisbane City Peugeot' was edited and uploaded predominantly using html, each segment of content, to adapt took a lot more time than the standard Web Authoring job due to the html and Front End Development needs.

For 'Brisbane City Peugeot'  the CMS used was RealOnline, while the bulk of the content was created/edited/uploaded using html and CSS in partnership with the use of elements directly in the CMS.

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